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What if we could accurately predict which children will face reading difficulties before they even start learning letter names and phonics? What if we could intervene and change this trajectory before they begin school? Consider the value of this to the child and their family. How much money would it save taxpayers in remedial work? How profoundly would it change their lives?

Phonemies – Speech Sound Monsters – offer a ground-breaking way to focus on phoneme articulation, phonemic awareness, and phonological working memory. Details about our Screen and Intervene (SAI) Project, which includes the innovative Phonemic Awareness Mastery Program (PAM) – initially designed for non-speaking autistic children by Emma Hartnell-Baker, the neurodivergent 'Reading Whisperer®' – will be available soon. Our neuro-affirming goal is to inspire ALL children to love reading – to be NeuroReadies. We do this with an Ortho-Graphix® mindset: we offer each individual the easiest route to orthographic mapping mastery (making it direct and visible!

The Phonemic Awareness Mastery (PAM) Program with 'Phonemies - Speech Sound Monsters

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